About Us

TechMech Services is a small Bournemouth based team operating a ‘collection & return’ service for all your bicycle repair and servicing needs.

DanDan (our chief mechanic) is a keen mountain biker and has a lifetime of cycling and cycle maintenance experience including 12 years working in the industry at bike and sports shops in Bournemouth, Exeter and Norway.
AdamAdam is gifted in the art of wheel-building, rides a uni-cycle, and adds a splash of I.T. wizardry.
James (founder of TechMech Services and cycling enthusiast) leads on communications, assists with the servicing, cycle transportation and administration.


Having conducted previous ‘Dr. Bike’ days for staff at BCP Council, we have been selected to run ‘Dr. Bike’ days in 2021 for BCP schools where families from participating schools can benefit from a free bike safety check and basic service.



A ‘Dr. Bike’ day is an event provided free of charge by BCP Council – there is no cost to the schools or participating families. During the event, each bike will receive a multi-point safety check and basic adjustments to brakes and gears if required, to ensure it is running smoothly and safely. Spaces are limited and pre-booking with the school is essential.